credits and FAQ

The Credits page and the FAQ page are complete! and i also uploaded the 7th page of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Woohoo! 14 favorites! That's like 2x more than the number of pages I have. I hope it stays like that, so every page I upload, I get 2x more.

So...when i upload 50 PAGES! I'll have 100 favs! That's my goal. 100 +favs. So, everyone reading this! +Fav!
I think I might do something nice for my fans. So, look forward to it.

I also uploaded Tsuna's bio on the Characters Page. It's going to be long and enduring but I think I can manage.

Also, DAILY UPDATES! Yes! Hopefully, i can keep it up but making the sprite comic is so much fun. So, enjoy guys!

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