Frequently Aasked Questions

Why did you create “Katekyo Hitman Reborn?” the sprite comic?
Cause I was bored and I’m pretty sure it’s the only Reborn sprite comic.

Why do you hate Naruto?
I don’t hate Naruto, I just dislike it as of right now. :P

Is this canon to the manga/anime?
Probably not. But things that happened in the manga already happened, so…no, but in a way, yeah.

What’s your favorite anime?
Pokemon. :D

Can we make a sprite comic together?
Yeah! Just hit me up and we’ll talk.

What do you use to create your comics?
For banners, I use photoshop cs3 and paint. I haven’t really tried creating sprite comics on photoshop. Too complex for me. I like it simple like my women. LOL. Just kidding.

Can I have a cameo in your sprite comic?
It depends, but yeah, probably. Just comment/message me.

You’re really cool and hot. Can I have your digits?

How about AIM/MSN?
Sure! Just PM me.

Can you check out my comic and review/give constructive criticism?
Of course. I love checking out other comics.

Can you +fav my comic?
If I like it.

What can a fan of your sprite comic hope to expect?
Comedy and epic action. It’s going to have everything you could love. Cameos from other sprites, oh and parodies of famous video games. So, you should definitely favorite and expect to see some creative and new things.

Can I rub oil on your body?

Can I rub whip cream on your body and lick it off?
Yes. :]