Update: New Will

Yo! it's been awhile, but I now have the will to be devoted to this sprite comic, but only for a little while lol. So, I am going to successfully update weekly(?) or even perhaps daily. the bridge between weekly and daily is when I'll update. hahaha.

I'll continue with this pattern until the arc is finished. Then we'll see where it goes from there if I take another hiatus or i quickly move on to the next arc.

special thanks to all the fans who has kept up with my poor updating status, but i'm really grateful. CONTINUE TO SHOW SUPPORT! thanks and later!

Love, SonGoten.

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update: return?!

how long has it been? 4 months? LOL. Yeah, and that's all i have to say. Sad to say I can't return to updating daily, but you can "expect" weekly updates. hopefully? yeah!

remember to +fav, and comment, enjoy!

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characters page WIP

As you can see I added the bios of all of the Vongola Guardians and Reborn's too. There's a few more bios i want to add up, so be sure to keep on checking that out.

hmm... after the character's page i don't know what else to add and i want to continue adding things, so it'll be a more enjoyable comic. comment if you have any suggestions on what i should add after the characters' page.

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credits and FAQ

The Credits page and the FAQ page are complete! and i also uploaded the 7th page of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Woohoo! 14 favorites! That's like 2x more than the number of pages I have. I hope it stays like that, so every page I upload, I get 2x more.

So...when i upload 50 PAGES! I'll have 100 favs! That's my goal. 100 +favs. So, everyone reading this! +Fav!
I think I might do something nice for my fans. So, look forward to it.

I also uploaded Tsuna's bio on the Characters Page. It's going to be long and enduring but I think I can manage.

Also, DAILY UPDATES! Yes! Hopefully, i can keep it up but making the sprite comic is so much fun. So, enjoy guys!

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characters page update

'kay, so as you can see i added the "characters' tab up and if you click it all you see is the word 'vongola'. Well, I've been playing around with it and im not that good. Lol, but i'm doing the biographies for each character that has been introduced. so far, i've only completed Tsuna's, and i have a lot of work to do.

anyways, besides 'characters', 'credits,' and a 'FAQ', what else should i include?

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update, wait, really?

hey, i've been getting better at updating. :]
well, the 5th issue is out and Hibari starts the battle off; kicking ass!

anyways, if you look at the comics' profile, you can see I added an 'arc' list. this comic is gonna be a blend of comedy/epic action. i'm gonna try and do my best at comedy, with the help of parodies!

so, this might change but the arc after the introduction arc is the "Left 4 Dead" arc! wait, i'm parodying a game with anime characters? Hell yeah. ZOMBIES MEET THE VONGOLA!

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So, I added the 4th issue, finally. VONGOLA GUARDIANS! WOOT WOOT! Anyways, I'm gonna start adding more pages to the site.

-A Credits Page
-Character Bios (Seperated into parts)
- Vongola
- Varia
- Milliefiore
- Other anime characters that make appearances.

Agh, that sounds like a lot of work. But I'll finish it in time! Okay, I promise this time. The next update will be soon! like a day maybe two. hopefully. cross your fingers. :P

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I was a bit busy with...summer! :P But anyways, i'll update more often. but now i have to set up a new template for the comics (the blue background) because i accidently saved the template as issue #3. don't worry, give me a few days and it'll be back, maybe a different color?

also, next issue: new characters from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Are you feeling the Vongola Guardians?

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